Lockbox & Smartcard Info

Lock Boxes are made available to all ASVB smart card members for installation on properties to provide ease of access. Cards are the sole property of ASVB and ASVB reserves the right to recall or repossess the card at any time or for any reason.


Arrangements can be made to pick up cards or lock boxes telephoning (925) 918-1327. Payment and signing of the smart card agreement will be required at that time. Only one card will be issued per broker member. The card must be picked up in person by the broker member.

  1. A SmartCard will be offered to Active Card Members of ASVB at a cost of a $25.00 non-refundable processing fee.
  2. The SmartCard is to be kept in the member’s possession or safe place at all times. The card is not to be used by parties other than the member. The member will permit access to property through the card only by parties physically accompanied by the member.
  3. The PIN for the card must not be attached to the card or disclosed to any third party.
  4. ASVB members who do not renew their membership by payment of annual dues must voluntarily return any card previously designated to them.
  5. SmartCards must be updated monthly. A card reader connected to a computer with internet access is required. Readers are available for $60.00.


Replacement Cards:

  1. In the event a member loses their card, a new card can be obtained at a cost of $25.00 (non-refundable card processing fee). A written explanation of the cause for the lost card will be required.
  2. In the event a card is damaged or defective, it can be exchanged for a new card.



  1. Lock boxes are currently priced at $115.00 each.
  2. Lockboxes become your property upon purchase and may not be returned for refund for any reason.
  3. Lockboxes must be picked up in person.
  4. Payment for lockboxes must be made at time of purchase.