These are certainly some of the most trying times even for those of us who have gone through multiple economic cycles. This one differs for all the obvious reasons but especially because the entire human community is affected. The good news is that we can now see the tunnel….and the light.

Like all community organizations and non-profits that rely on live events to support their mission, our 45th Annual Awards Banquet and Ceremony will be virtual this year on Thursday, March 4, 2021, at 11:30 a.m. Your ASVB, with your good donations, has been supporting many of the same charities for years now and they are highly dependent on our contributions. This year may be the most important year ever for us to carry through.

The ASVB started out as an industry support enterprise in 1975 implementing a Silicon Valley-wide secure lock box access program, a code of ethics, educational forums and the annual awards event. In the early 90s recession the organization almost went dark and was restructured as a result to have higher standards of membership and dues collections requiring the leaders of the member firms to hold board seats. This was the path to the organization turning its energy to fund raising for local charities starting in 2000 at our golf and awards events.

We should all be very proud of our humble small organization for raising over $2.1 million since that effort began. It has been transformational for many of our recipients and we hope created a much higher sense of worth for the ASVB members and constituents. We have also become an advocate for legislative matters of the highest importance to our stakeholders, most recently in strong vocal support of defeating Proposition 15. Membership dues also paid for a billboard on 880 for the BART sales tax measure some years ago in a contest that won by a handful of votes and allowed BART to go forward.

There is no like minded organization in Northern California for commercial brokers. And I would dare say, as an active regional broker, the unity and efforts of the Board create a very cooperative ethos amongst our member firms in our daily business dealings that differs from other neighboring markets.

So please give good consideration to both attending and donating generously at the Awards Ceremony, our gifts could not come at a more important time.